Vendor Info

Rules & Guidelines

  • Check-in begins at 10:00 am. Booth numbers and other materials will be distributed at check-in.
  • Vending areas will be open for set-up from 10:00-11:30 am. Once your vehicle is unloaded, you must move your car to the designated parking location. All booths must set-up by 11:30 am.
  • All booths must remain open until 8:00pm. Access to the vending locations for tear-down will be given at 8:00pm. Booths must be torn down by 9:00pm.
  • The Wooster Arts & Music Fest Panel reserves the right to refuse any application and to remove from the festival any work that has been misrepresented in the application process without refund of booth fees.
  • All vendors must be present on site during the designated festival times. Booth sitters are available throughout the day and hospitality volunteers will circulate providing water and snacks.
  • The Wooster Arts & Music Fest Committee designates the placement of all vendors. Space locations cannot be guaranteed.
  • Vendors must provide their own tents, tables,chairs and/or booth display units.
  • Electrical service is not available.
  • Artists agree to allow Wooster Arts & Music Fest to use submitted images of work in the promotion and advertising of the event.
  • Vendors are responsible for the collection and payment of Ohio sales tax.
  • Acceptance to Wooster Arts & Music Fest cannot be reassigned to another vendor.


Media categories are provided as a guide. While a balanced show that equitably showcases both works of art and craft, as well as diversity among media is a principal objective, the Wooster Arts Jazz Fest establishes no quota or entitlement by media category.

Artists may enter in any of the following media categories: Basketry, Ceramics/Pottery, Digital Art, Drawing, Decorative Fiber, Wearable Fiber, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry/Precious, Jewelry/SemiPrecious, Printmaking, Metal, 3-D Mixed Media, 2-D Mixed Media, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolor/Gouache Painting, Pastels, Photography, Wood, Leather, Paper and Sculpture.

All work exhibited must be the original work of the artist. Quality commercial reproductions of original artwork may be displayed and sold. Reproductions must be signed editions and labeled “reproduction”.


A comprehensive marketing campaign to promote Wooster Arts & Music Fest and participating artists is conducted. A walking map is provided at the event showcasing each artist and media being exhibited. Promotional postcards will be mailed to each accepted artist in advance.